Monday, January 26

2015 Year of Dates: January

Do you ever feel like you and your hubby just don't get as much time together as you like? It seems we are always going somewhere and doing something....but more often than not it is not alone. As our kids get older we get busier every day it seems! I don't want to have my marriage get lost in the shuffle. Ever. 

I have to admit.... I LOVE dating my husband!

Dating when you're married is so much fun. I think many couples forget to do it. It's such an important key to keeping that spark alive through all the seasons. Some of our dates are at home, some are simple, some are expensive...they can be and usually are a mix of anything and everything. We like to have fun together! Being married to my best friend really does have its perks :)

Sadly  have noticed that over the past year our dates are fewer and farther in between. That pulls at my heart strings. I feel that I don't function as well when I don't get enough one on one time with my hubby. So this year for Christmas I decided to do something about it. I wanted to give him the gift of time....hence the Year of Dates. There are a ton of great ideas out there to help you get going on this idea if you want to try too! I was so glad that he loved the idea as much as I did.

Well here it is the END of January and we just got around to finally doing our date this past weekend. We had tried earlier this month and things kept getting in the way. (See what I mean!)

Here is the envelope for this month. Inside is the cute cards for the Bookworm date and some money for coffee and a Madlibs :) 

This link is where I got the idea for this date night! The Bookstore Date
The Dating Divas are pretty fantastic....if you haven't checked them out now is the time! 

So at first glance you think the date is kinda corny...go to a bookstore..okay...but I tell you it is FUN! 
Our first card told us to get a recipe that we would like to cook for our spouse, to find a quiz in a magazine to give each other, and book from our childhood we could read together. 

Here is our recipes...YUM!

They came from these cookbooks. We should have bought them...but we are cheap so we didn't, as you can see the hubby really wanted his picture taken ;)

Finding quizzes in magazines was a bit harder than I had expected. Normally every trashy magazine you pick up has a least one quiz...well not that night! We just decided to get ones that had fun articles we wanted to take a closer look at. This worked out good since we actually did end up finding a quiz inside one of those! This task prompted lots of great conversation ( that's what this is about right?!)

We moved onto learning about where we each wanted to travel too and some joke books too! For some lasting fun we bought a Madlibs to take home and fill in! (maybe we can squeeze in a few mins of laughing here or there!)

We really had a good time! Laughing, sharing, loving, being silly...all great moments that came out of our first month date! Our marriage needs to be more than work, bills, kids, responsibilities, needs to be about US. Our love for each other. We started by dating one another many years ago and we were SO different back then. Why not keep dating grow love constantly remind ourselves that dating all those years ago is why there is an US....I am excited to keep getting to know one laugh with and share with this amazing man that God choose for me to date....for Forever.

Monday, July 23

Pondering Parenthood...

Do you ever have that moment when you question every single one of your parenting abilities? (yeah me either ;) Every once and awhile I feel like I have one of those days when I seem to worry way to much if I am bringing up my four little pumpkins right. Showing them how to be respectful, kind, God-loving, giving and etc...humans...sometimes that kind of burden is so overwhelming. I mean really think about it. We as parents are given quite a task...the "Big guy" sure does have alot of faith is us! I love being a mom and I am always trying to make memories with the kids...teach them good ethics...make sure they know Jesus....and treat everyone right. I guess when you are around lots of other people throughout the days/weeks you can see how so many others are parenting ...the things they probably are doing or aren't doing based on the actions of their children. Of course we can't be judging these others...only observing for we never really know what is going on in those relationships. I do know that I love each and every one of my children with all I have...I try and lead by the best example I can set....and give them the tools to grow up into amazing adults. I suppose so that one day they can reproduce and go through the struggle of wondering if they are being the kind of parent they need to be to raise amazing children..however they will have had amazing examples (me and the hubby in case you weren't getting that)! I heard a million times over...worrying doesn't change only waste precious with that I am going to assume I am one heck of a parent...take it one day at a time...and give my little ones all the love and support through the years that I can...and pray...pray alot!
Enjoy your coffee! :)

Saturday, July 21

Can I be in a time out?

It's been one of those days. Definitely didn't start my day off with enough coffee..even tried to revamp it again mid luck I should have just went to bed and started the day over! My middle two children decided to give me a ride on the crazy train today. They are so much alike they drive each other crazy for the exact same reasons. It's actually quite entertaining to watch ( well ..I mean if you're not their mom it's entertaining ;) Twice today I made them sit together and hug each other...and then they had to sit and eat lunch together talking about only nice things..that was just pure torture for them ;) I loved it :-D
Added to the mix my little guy Joseph is teething. Four teeth at the same time. I think that's all that needs to be said about that. He is screaming...whining...hitting...or biting...everyone. Don't you wish you lived here? I was a cool mom for about 1/2 hour today when I let them play with moon sand. That was quickly over. The noise level in this house today has just been top notch... I'm sure someday I'll miss that (who am I kidding.No. I. Won't. ) a day like today makes me really want a bigger house. For one purpose find a room a lock myself in no one can find me ;)
Enjoy your coffee!